Cornerstone Church is based in Dalgety Bay, Fife.  We have been in existence since 1982 and were originally called the Barn Fellowship, meeting (as the name implies) in a barn in Aberdour.  In 1983, we bought the old Church of Scotland building, which is in the grounds next to Barns Farm, on the outskirts of Dalgety Bay.  After ten years, the congregation and leadership decided it was time to change the name and the new name of Cornerstone Full Gospel Church was chosen by the congregation.  We recently changed the name again to Cornerstone Church, Dalgety Bay, a Bible-based Church, to reflect our identity in today’s ever-challenging world.

The founders were Rev Drs Geoff and Hazel Carr, who shared the responsibility of pastoring the Church, with ministries of teaching, preaching and operating in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  After sitting under the teaching and other ministries of Geoff and Hazel, many have gone on to pastor and teach elsewhere, as God has led them.

The Pastors had the experience of ministering at home and abroad, in particular, Europe and the USA.

Pastor Geoff went home to be in the presence of the Lord on Christmas Day, 2012.  A great work was accomplished and fully completed, with the mantle being handed over for the work to continue.

For the first 20 years of the work, Cornerstone Church was in revival mode, with people visiting from all over, to be part of what God was doing at that time.  There was a wonderful sense of the presence of God and many lives were deeply affected and turned around.  This was the Great Commission in action!  The presence of God has continued to with be with us throughout the decades and enables us to stand in our particular calling.

Today, we are in revival mode again and eagerly and prayerfully anticipating a great harvest of souls through the grace of God, when He visits our land again in His power and might.  We are praying for a great awakening to bless our nation amid global turmoil.